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*Important:Only the most recently published notices are listed below. For the full list of notices published on this website please see the Updates and Announcements section.


Notice 1 | Burgh Quay Registration Office will unfortunately be closed this afternoon, Monday 19 July

The Burgh Quay Registration Office will unfortunately be closed this afternoon, Monday 19 July. Customers affected are being contacted directly to have their appointments rescheduled. We apologise for any inconvenience. The Office will reopen as normal tomorrow morning.


Notice 2 | Impact of COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions

27 April 2020 (FAQ document updated 02 July 2021: The Sections affected are detailed within the latest FAQ document)

Keep up to date with the latest information on Immigration and International Protection during the Covid-19 pandemic in the new dedicated COVID-19 Updates and Announcements area. In this area you will find notices on the various arrangements to address issues brought about by the pandemic.

A Frequently Asked Questions document about the impact of COVID-19 on Immigration and International Protection has also been published. You can read more here... For the current health advice, including information on self-isolation requirements on arrival in Ireland, visit: Irish Health Service COVID-19 Advice Page.


Notice 3 | COVID-19 Visa Arrangements

15 June 2021

The Minister for Justice, Heather Humphreys TD has today announced the lifting of the temporary entry and transit visa restrictions for nationals of South Africa, Brazil and other South American countries that came into effect on 28 January 2021.

The lifting of the temporary restrictions will come into effect from Wednesday 16 June 2021.

The move to lift temporary restrictions is in line with the Government’s Resilience and Recovery Plan for Living with COVID-19.

Read the full details of this notice...


Notice 4 | Reopening of Burgh Quay Registration Office

6 May 2021

Please note that the Burgh Quay Registration Office will reopen to the public on Monday, May 10 2021.

Registration office staff will today contact customers who had appointments cancelled in December when the office closed due to Level 5 restrictions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to reschedule their appointment as soon as possible.

All other applicants who wish to register their permission for the first time in the Dublin metropolitan region can make an appointment online at from Thursday, May 6.

Renewals in the Dublin area are processed online at

If you have any queries for Immigration Service Delivery please contact

Registrations outside of the Dublin area are processed by the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) through the Garda Station network.  Information on the contact details for all the registration offices outside Dublin is available at:


Notice 5 | Minister announces further temporary extension of immigration permissions

26 March 2021

This notice applies to all Immigration and International Protection permissions to reside in the State that are due to expire between 21 April 2021 and 20 September 2021 and to permissions extended under previous notices. This is the seventh, and expected to be the final, extension of permissions granted since the outset of the pandemic.

In light of the continuing uncertainties caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, the following notice applies to all persons with a current valid permission due to expire from 21 April 2021 to 20 September 2021, whether pursuant to domestic law or powers of the Minister, or Directive 2004/38/EC (Free Movement Directive).

All such permissions that are due to expire from 21 April 2021 to 20 September 2021 are automatically renewed by the Minister to 20 September 2021. The renewal of permission is on the same basis as the existing permission and the same conditions attach. In relation to persons with existing permission under Directive 2004/38/EC (Free Movement Directive), the automatic renewal is subject to the requirement that the person is complying with the requirements of the Directive. 

Any permission that was renewed by the previous notices is also automatically renewed by this notice until 20 September 2021.

The temporary extension of immigration permissions means that anyone who held a valid permission to be in the State in March 2020 is legally permitted to remain until 20 September 2021, even if  their Irish Residence Permit (IRP) card has expired and they are awaiting a new one.

All renewals in the Dublin area are now being processed online only and the system has been available for all applicants since 20 July 2020 at, and renewal applications continue to be accepted.

The Registration Office in Burgh Quay remains closed as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions announced by Government in December. Customers who were issued with appointments for first time registrations, will be contacted directly by the Immigration Service and they will be prioritised for appointments once the Public Office can safely reopen.

Registrations outside of the Dublin area are processed by the Garda National Immigration Bureau through the Garda Station network.  Information on the contact details for all the registration offices outside Dublin is available at:     

Please Note: This notice provides the necessary time for those who can renew their permission, particularly Dublin based customers who can use the online system, to do so and to not wait until September.


Notice 6 | Minister announces temporary process for granting citizenship during COVID-19

18 January 2021

The Department of Justice have put in place a temporary system that will enable citizenship applicants to complete their naturalisation process by signing a statutory declaration of loyalty to the state. The system comes into operation from Monday 18 January 2021.  The temporary process allows a signed and witnessed statutory declaration to be submitted by applicants resident in the state and replaces the requirement for citizenship applicants to attend citizenship ceremonies, which have been temporarily suspended during COVID-19. Read the full details of this notice...


Notice 7 | EU Treaty Rights and Domestic Residence applications - COVID-19 Update

15 January 2021 (updated 28 April 2021)

As part of combined efforts to adhere to the Government’s strategy to slow down the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to ensure customer safety, we have taken the decision, as a temporary measure between Monday 18 January and Friday 01 October 2021, to allow both EU Treaty Rights and Domestic Residence applications to be submitted by email together with copies of supporting documentation. It is preferable if all attachments could be submitted in Adobe (.pdf) format. Zipped or encrypted files cannot be submitted. The relevant email addresses for submitting applications can be found via the following link:-

EU Treaty Rights Division will require the original application to be submitted by post in due course. Domestic Residence may request original documentation to be submitted by post in due course.

(Important - For legal representatives who are submitting applications or other documentation by email, a form of authority should also be included as appropriate). The current situation will be kept under regular review. You should check the website regularly for updates.


Notice 8 | Update on COVID-19 for the English Language Sector

06 January 2021

The measures announced by the government on December 23 2020 moved the country from Level 3 to Level 5 under the Government’s Resilience and Recovery 2020-2021 Plan for Living with COVID-19.

This Framework for Restrictive Measures in Response to COVID-19 requires adult education, which includes the English language sector, to immediately move all classes and learning online. This is an exceptional, short-term and temporary measure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prospective International English Language students seeking to enter the State must wait until in-person classes have resumed. Failure to do so may result in being refused permission to land in Ireland and refused registration. Education providers have been requested to bring this notice to the attention of prospective students.

While our visa offices and missions overseas continue to accept applications for English Languages studies, decisions on applications remain on hold in light of the move to Level 5 COVID restrictions and pending further consideration by the relevant authorities.


Notice 9 | Brexit - Important notice for non-EEA family members of UK nationals seeking to move to Ireland after 31 December 2020

23 December 2020

With effect from 11pm on 31 December 2020 following the end of the Brexit transition period, all non-EEA family members of UK nationals seeking to join, or accompany, their UK national family member in Ireland will need to apply (depending on nationality) through a preclearance or visa scheme from outside the State. 

The Preclearance Scheme only applies when a UK national has come to live in Ireland after 31 December 2020. If a UK national is living in Ireland on or before that date they and their eligible non-EEA family members will be a beneficiary under the Withdrawal Agreement. 

Details of the preclearance and visa schemes, can be found here: Joining your UK national family member in Ireland and Policy Document - Brexit Scheme for Non-EEA Family Members of British Citizens seeking Immigration Permission in the State

Applications will be required from visa required and non-visa required nationals and will be assessed under the relevant policy document. All applications must be made from outside of Ireland and applicants must remain outside the State while their application is being processed. 

Visa required nationals. 

You will only have to make a visa application under the relevant scheme. Your visa, if your application is successful, will outline your reason for travel to Ireland.  

Non Visa required nationals. 

You will need to apply for preclearance, and if your application is successful, you will receive an approval letter from the preclearance unit which must be presented to an Immigration Officer at the port of entry. 

Please note that you will be unable to apply for a visa or preclearance until after 11pm on 31 December 2020 through the Online Visa Preclearance Application Facility.


Notice 10 | Minister announces new arrangements for renewal of registrations

01 December 2020

From 02 December 2020, customers renewing their Immigration Registration Permision will no longer need to submit their passport to have an immigration stamp attached by their Registration Office. 

This applies to renewals made in the Burgh Quay Registration Office in Dublin and renewals made in local Registration Offices at Garda Stations nationwide.

Read the full details about these changes and some answers to the top frequently asked questions here...


Notice 11 | New application process for Preclearance applicants

20 November 2020

As of 21/11/2020, Preclearance procedures are changing for the following existing schemes:

  • Volunteer in Ireland
  • Minister of Religion
  • De Facto Partner of a CSEP/ HA Holder
  • De Facto Partner of an Irish National

All Preclearance application forms will move to the online application system AVATS. Instructions on how to apply and use the application system, will be provided on the relevant webpage for each scheme.

Read the full details in Visas Updates and Announcements…


Notice 12 | UK Withdrawal from the EU – Information for UK Nationals and their Non-EEA family members living in Ireland

19 November 2020

Brexit will come fully into effect on 31 December 2020, when the UK leaves the EU after the end of the transition period. If you are a UK national living in Ireland, or a family member of a UK National living here with them, this information will help you to understand what it means for you.

Read the full details of this notice here...


Notice 13 | Visa Services

25 September 2020 (updated 14 and 21 October 2020, 29 January 2021)

Please note that we have updated the notice on Visa Services in light of the move to Level 5 COVID restrictions. This notice contains updated information to inform Visa Applicants, in particular English language study applicants about the current Visa Application Processing situation. Read the full details of the notice here… 


Older notices are available on the Updates and Announcements section


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